Asus ROG Raikiri Pro is the latest Xbox controller

The ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro is the first Xbox controller that features tri-mode connectivity. This means that it can connect to PCs and Xbox X/S series consoles via wired USB-C or Bluetooth. Although there is no confirmed pricing yet, it is likely that the controller will be available for sale in the first quarter of 2023.

The Raikiri controller offers a range of customization options. Users can set up joystick sensitivity, dead zones, vibration levels, and hotkeys. It also has a built-in ESS DAC, which can enhance audio from the headset jack.

One feature that is unique to the Raikiri Pro is its OLED display. It can be programmed to show custom images, text, and animations. Its 1.3 inch screen measures 128 x 40 pixels. During gameplay, it can be used to indicate controller information such as the battery status, mic status, and charging status.

In addition to the display, the Raikiri Pro also features four rear buttons. Two are located on top of the device, while the other two are at the sides. A 3.5mm audio jack is also included. These buttons have a textured finish, and they can be programmed to change joystick sensitivity and toggles.

Along with the display, the controller includes two grey levels, which provide information such as the RF connection, the battery level, and the wireless pairing status. Moreover, it has a dedicated mute button. All of these features are meant to make it easier for users to check essential information while gaming.

In addition to the OLED display, the Raikiri Pro has a small, circular D-pad. It can be programmed for hotkeys, trigger locks, and profile switching. When paired with the Armory Crate software, users can also remap buttons, change vibrations, and adjust the joystick dead zone.

The Raikiri Pro also has a 3.5mm jack, a 2.4GHz RF connection, and a USB-C port. Connecting the controller to the Xbox X/S series consoles requires a wired USB-C connection, and the device can be paired with Windows 10 devices through the USB-C port. Interestingly, the controller supports Bluetooth 5.0, which allows the user to pair the device with other Bluetooth-equipped devices.

Lastly, the Raikiri Pro has all of the standard inputs that are found on the Xbox controller, including the Home button. It also comes with a Bluetooth mode and a wired USB-C connection, which should make it compatible with most computers. Finally, it has a textured finish on its four rear buttons.

With all of these features, it is clear that the Raikiri Pro has a lot of potential. Asus has done a great job of making a video game controller that looks good and is easy to use. Those looking for an Xbox-compatible controller should definitely consider purchasing one.

Even though there is no official information on the price and release date of the Raikiri Pro, Asus has announced that it is coming out later this year. The company has plans to officially license the controller from Microsoft, so it is possible that the device will be released alongside Xbox Series games.

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